Supply Carriers – ESC 10

Supply Carriers

ESC 10

Want to “think out of the box?” Better yet, how about thinking “in the box!” The ESC is the ultimate transformer box. It is an “all-in-one” unit that serves as a storage unit and transporter cabinet from the warehouse to the polling place and back. The ESC can be custom designed to meet your election equipment and supply needs. Why continue to rack your supplies and equipment separately which requires wasted manpower to assimilate the items from multiple areas? The ESC is the “end-to-end” cabinet that efficiently stores the equipment and supplies by polling place.
The storage cabinet can capably serve as the designated work area for each polling place at the warehouse. Racking that has historically been needed for supplies and equipment can be removed and replaced by polling place specific ESC’s. The election equipment can receive maintenance directly from the cabinet and supplies can be replenished and assembled by polling place designated units. Not only will this method save space and manpower at the warehouse, it also ensures the safe and secure movement of equipment and supplies to and from the polling place.

Product Specifications

  • Pre-assembled all welded steel
  • Forklift pockets; retaining angles
  • Recessed handles; upgraded 5” casters
  • Keyed exterior 2 pt. flush mount lock with T  handle and security cutouts
  • 20” x 30” removable ramp
  • Dimensions: 40”w x 26”d x 67”h

Product #

ESC 10

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