Workstations – Bi-Level Workstation



Need a cabinet to efficiently store, maintain, and secure voter qualification/voting equipment and supplies? Done! Need a transporter to efficiently and securely move voter qualification/voting equipment and supplies to and from the polling place? Done! Need a custom designed workstation to efficiently process voters at the polling place? Done!

This versatile cabinet performs all of these tasks in one unit. This is not an “off-the-shelf” product, it is custom designed to meet your jurisdiction’s specific needs. The Early Voting/Polling Place Workstation truly enhances your election process by multi-tasking from the warehouse to the polling place.

It is ideal for compartmentalizing equipment at the warehouse. It virtually eliminates the need for racking election supplies and equipment in separate areas and it creates a “one-stop does all” environment. Each unit can be Early Voting/Polling Place specific to store, prepare and maintain the items used in a polling place.

Product Specifications

  • Keyed locks with 2 pt. flush mount latch and security cutouts
  • Full swing outer doors with magnets
  • Lockable auxiliary bin for additional storage and security
  • Two printer/monitor slide out drawers
  • Recessed handles; 5” upgraded casters
  • Forklift pockets
  • Dimensions: 60”w x 26”d x 44”h

Product Benefits

  • More efficient use of work force to prepare for elections
  • Improved tracking of items by Early Voting/Polling Place
  • Enhanced ability to perform maintenance on the equipment
  • Efficient and secure method of transporting the equipment and supplies to and from the polling place
  • Cabinet transforms into a fully functional workstation for processing voters

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